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We help you tackle the root causes of America’s biggest problems.

Transform your results. Access our philanthropic community’s capabilities including funding, tap into a unique network of partners, and utilize our playbook for applying principles proven to help people thrive.

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Case Study
There’s a better way to beat addiction. Meet The Phoenix.

How a fitness-based nonprofit helps people overcome addiction and helps society more effectively tackle this crisis.



Case Study
This online learning community can reshape education

How a free digital platform allows anyone to get—or give—tailored tutoring.



Case Study
After decades of failure, can the crisis of poverty really be solved?

How a program for nonprofits is creating a movement to break the cycle of poverty and change how society helps the least fortunate.



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Access our CAPABILITIES including funding


You want growth and effectiveness. From funding to management training, operational support, marketing, data, and more, we’ve spent 20+ years building capabilities to help our partners scale their impact.

Tap into a unique NETWORK of partners


You want to expand your reach. We’ll help you find the right partners among our community of Fortune 500 CEOs, NFL legends, civil rights leaders, Grammy-winning musicians, and inspiring activists.

Utilize our playbook for applying proven PRINCIPLES


You want results. We’ll work with you to learn and use the principles of human progress that have helped societies, businesses, and nonprofits transform their results, grow, and help people thrive.

Stand Together is helping America EMERGE STRONGER from recent crises – your partnership can ensure our country’s best days are still ahead.

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Criminal Justice Reform

We’re helping partners prove that ‘tough’ vs ‘soft’ on crime is a false choice — and that ‘smart on crime’ is the better path.



Economic Progress

Empowering everyone to achieve their American Dream.




Building individualized education to unlock every learner’s potential.



You have big ideas. We have the capabilities including funding, network, and principles to help you go even bigger.

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