Education for all

Education for all

What We Believe

The future of education is here, and it’s one in which every student can receive an individualized experience that inspires them, helps them find their own talents and passions, and equips them with the skills and knowledge to live a life with purpose. Stand Together is committed to uniting with anyone to make sure educators have more freedom to use their talents, families do not face obstacles or burdens when ensuring their children get the education they deserve, and students are celebrated and respected as they develop a lifelong love of learning.

We know a better way is possible, because it’s already happening across America.  

Our Vision in Action

Renewing the Purpose of Education 

We believe every student is special, and each deserves a fulfilling education. The Stand Together community works hard to restore the flexible, student-centric approach to learning. 

  •, launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s closure of schools nationwide, has grown into a community of parents, educators and students celebrating the ways students learn, whether affected by the pandemic or exploring new out-of-system models.
  • Youth Entrepreneurs is dedicated to helping educators create the most dynamic and compelling experience for each of their students.  
Powering Transformative New Models 

The Stand Together community is committed to helping parents, educators, “edupreneurs,” and students scale new and innovate approaches to education.

  • VELA Education Fund, supported by the Charles Koch Institute and Walton Family Foundation, responded to the learning disruptions created by the pandemic with a $2.34 million “Meet the Moment” fund to power individualized learning models. The fund reached more than 225,000 students. 
  • Charles Koch Institute is leading a way to the future, funding new models like MinervaOutschoolCadence Learning, and Schoolhouse. Each represents a new approach to ensure students receive an individualized and personalized education.  
Breaking Down Barriers  

Whether it’s challenging existing barriers for students that create injustices, or creating better education policy, the Stand Together community will unite with anyone to advance the education system toward a student-centric future.

  • Stand Together partnered with the LeBron James Family Foundation to eliminate barriers that divide and hold students back, like residential assignment, which forces students to attend schools based on their ZIP codes.  
  • Americans for Prosperity, the organization in our community focused on grassroots policy reform, is transforming policy at the state and federal level to get funding for families who want more opportunities.  
  • Yes. every kid., a member of the Stand Together community, launched the national “Fund Every Kid” coalition aimed at reimagining how students are funded. We believe funding should go first to students, giving families the flexibility and freedom to ensure every kid receives the education they deserve.
Work With Us 

In a country as diverse as ours, with 56 million school-aged students, the education system must be nimble, responsive, unique, diverse, and open to new ideas.  

If you’re interested in learning more or sharing your idea, contact Stand Together Education.

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