Watch 6 must-see videos of the Stand Together community in action

Watch 6 must-see videos of the Stand Together community in action

We often hear that video documentaries are one of the best ways to get connected to Stand Together’s work and to see how we partner with inspiring social entrepreneurs to transform lives. From policy reform that broadens entrepreneurial endeavors to strategic partnerships that help combat the stigma of addiction recovery to connecting nearly 200,000 families to rapid financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, Stand Together’s work is just beginning. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite videos that demonstrate our work in communities, government, education, and business.

Check out these six “must see” videos of the Stand Together community’s efforts in action.

Adversaries unite to achieve historic criminal justice reform  
Once opponents, CNN commentator Van Jones and Stand Together Senior Vice President Mark Holden are now allies. After years of sparring on policy issues, they were able to find common ground on criminal justice reform. Learn how Mark and Van worked together to help pass the historic First Step Act — a major win for the movement to end mass incarceration. This is the same nonpartisan approach we’ve applied in efforts across our community to give terminally ill patients the right to try treatments that could save their lives, ensure access to quality healthcare for veterans, drive progress on immigration reform, and end endless wars.
GiveTogetherNow campaign for COVID-19 relief 
Anticipating the economic fallout for families from the COVID-19 pandemic, Stand Together partnered with the Family Independence Initiative to launch the #GiveTogetherNow campaign. With the help of partners like former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones, the six-month campaign mobilized hundreds of nonprofits and thousands of individual donors to get $500 cash payments where they were needed most: in the hands of families most affected by the crisis. Stand Together also helped secure more than 70 philanthropic, government, and corporate sponsors to support the cause, including major philanthropic leaders like, the Schultz Family Foundation, Elizabeth R. Koch, and others. Watch the video to see how this effort raised $100 million in less than five months, supporting nearly 200,000 families.
An UnCommon classroom is building futures and homes
UnCommon Construction, an internship program for high school students, provides a new and innovative approach to education. The results are impressive: All participants have graduated from high school on time and have continued their education or landed a job within three months, proving that more options for young people to learn and explore their unique gifts and talents have a huge impact on their future. UnCommon Construction is one of 600 diverse education entrepreneurs funded by the Charles Koch Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation in an initiative to support education leaders and the communities they serve.
Rethinking addiction recovery with fitness
On the road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, Scott Strode rebuilt his self-confidence and identity through sports. He founded a nonprofit called The Phoenix that helps individuals fighting addiction find connection through sports and fitness. Since its start in Denver, The Phoenix has expanded to 44 cities across 26 states with support from the Stand Together community. Watch to learn more about how this community recently helped The Phoenix put down roots in Boston and partner with the Red Sox to increase awareness and understanding of substance use disorder. The Phoenix is one of 180 community-based programs supported by Stand Together that are tackling poverty and addiction in America.
The right cut 
William Burt had been in and out of prison since he was 14, but a visit from his son in prison motivated him to turn his life around. He began cutting hair, and after his release he created a nonprofit mobile barber shop to serve his community. But antiquated legal roadblocks held him back. In the months following the passage of SF 155, a bill that William fought for to allow mobile barber shops to operate in Iowa, the governor also passed the H.F. 2627 bill, which removes occupational licensing restrictions for industries across the state. Watch to see how William partnered with Americans for Prosperity, part of the Stand Together community, to bring his dreams of entrepreneurship to life, unlocking opportunity for himself and others.
Getting the national debate back on target  
The great debate for our country’s future is not left versus right, but whether we’re going to empower people or give up on them. Hear Stand Together founder Charles Koch make the case for viewing challenges through this different lens and how we can unite a diverse group of people to build better alternatives that move our country toward a bright future.

To see more videos of the Stand Together community’s work, visit our YouTube channel.

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