Charles Koch and Brian Hooks publish new book

Charles Koch and Brian Hooks publish new book

Stand Together founder Charles Koch and CEO Brian Hooks published a new book: Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World. 

Koch and Hooks show how Americans from all walks of life can tackle our country’s biggest problems and create a society where all people can thrive. Written for the millions of “social entrepreneurs” who want to make a bigger difference, the book contains a guide that can help anyone empower others, end the injustices that surround us, and transform society from the bottom-up. 

With a preface focused on how all of us can work together to bring our country through the coronavirus pandemic, Koch and Hooks sketch out a better way to address poverty and addiction, improve a failing education system, fix a rigged economy, and improve public policy that stifles opportunity and emboldens the extremes. They demonstrate that all of us can change our country’s trajectory away from a two-tiered society if we have a deep belief in people and unite with anybody to do right.  

Believe in People includes actionable principles and personal stories from Koch’s life. It also introduces the reader to dozens of inspiring leaders who are making progress on some of the toughest issues of our time, from eliminating corporate welfare to anti-poverty work. 

“Unbeknownst to me, I’ve spent more than 60 years writing this book,” Koch said. “Enabling people to become empowered has always been my North Star – helping others learn from my successes and my failures in business, philanthropy, and public policy.”  

Hooks described the new book’s capacity to help others tackle a range of issues. “We’ve learned important lessons about how to look beyond our differences and empower people to overcome the barriers holding them back. This book is a chance for us to share those lessons with anyone looking to make a greater difference.” 

Order the book today, and we’ll donate the purchase price of Believe in People to organizations around the country that are working to help people improve their lives.

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