Stand Together partners with Deion Sanders to launch “You Ball, You Get the Call” – Community Edition

Stand Together partners with Deion Sanders to launch “You Ball, You Get the Call” – Community Edition

Deion Sanders, in partnership with Stand Together, launched a series called You Ball, You Get the Call – Community Edition. The new series is based on Deion’s NFL Network segment in which he video chats with a standout player from that week’s slate of games. This Community Edition, however, takes a different approach by featuring individuals who are “balling” in service of their communities. “Ballers,” in this context, are people dedicated to helping others overcome difficult challenges such as addiction, homelessness, trauma, and poverty. These individuals have been chosen for going above and beyond and using their unique experiences, gifts, and talents to make a true impact in their communities.

The goal of the series is to encourage, celebrate, and inspire a movement of community heroes with a selfless commitment to helping others improve their lives. Deion and Stand Together also make a surprise investment in each “baller” that will help them expand their positive effect in the community to help every person rise.

Baller #1: Kisha

In the first of four episodes, Deion calls Kisha, a New Orleans resident who turned her life around after being incarcerated and is now a mentor and staff member at The First 72+, helping women who are about to be incarcerated or who are newly released transform their lives.

Check out Kisha’s story below:

Kisha said, “I know firsthand what it’s like to feel as if society has turned its back on you. I turned my life around with the help of my family, Pastor Tyrone Smith, and The First 72+, who all genuinely cared for and supported me when I re-entered society after six months in Orleans Parish Prison. I know the difference that made in my life, and now I want to help people like me overcome those same obstacles. By becoming a paralegal, I can guide others down a path toward achieving their full potential. I am thankful to Deion and Stand Together for their support.”

Baller #2: Scotty

In the second episode, Deion calls Scotty, an Oklahoma resident who was facing homelessness prior to aging out of foster care. Just in time, he found a true home and family at Peppers Ranch, a foster care community focused on setting the foundation for individualized success for every child. Scotty is now preparing to go to college and goes back to Peppers Ranch to welcome and mentor children in foster care.

Check out Scotty’s story below:

Scotty said, “I truly believe in the powerful value of every person. At Peppers Ranch, I discovered my value, and now I want to show others in my shoes how special and important they are – everyone from the foster children at the ranch to patients on the oncology floor of the hospital I work in.”

Baller #3: Jamie

In the third episode, Deion calls Jamie, a young mom in Denver who was in desperate need of a way out of an abusive situation. She found Hope House Colorado, a place that helps teen moms become self-sufficient by providing GED, college, and career assistance, parenting classes and live-in programs for those without a stable home. Thanks to her experience, Jamie is now a mentor for Hope House girls, working to help others transform their lives.

Check out Jamie’s story below:

Jamie said, “Hope House is my family – I was welcomed in with open arms and love that I never felt before and, that I honestly didn’t even know was possible. I was trying to figure out what I could do with my life that would support my family while also giving me the freedom to give back in ways that I desire to do so.”

Baller #4: Ned

In the final of the four episode, Deion calls Ned, a young man in Boston who fell into alcoholism and eventually found himself homeless. Looking for help, Ned found Back on My Feet, a national nonprofit that uses running to empower people struggling with addiction and homelessness and help them move forward with the support of community and employment, training, and housing resources. After the program had such a profound impact on his own life, Ned continues to give back, helping others by running with new members and participating in as many marathons as he can to raise money and awareness for Back on My Feet.

Check out Ned’s story below:

Ned said, “I desperately needed Back on My Feet – to find determination again and push me in ways I never thought was possible, especially after struggling with addiction. To have a community of people around me that were positive influences in my life was huge. It was ultimately what kept me coming to Back on My Feet. I want to continue to grow this group that has given so much to me and, I want other people who may be struggling to see that it is possible – hopefully I can show them there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Stand Together empowers people dedicated to helping others improve their lives. We know that we can all make a greater difference by uniting than by acting on our own. We are so proud to honor Kisha, Scotty, Jamie, and Ned, who are proving that transformation is possible and are selflessly dedicating their lives to others so they, too, can rise.

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